Property Management Specialists for Condominium and Cooperative Communities               
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GMS Project Management

All of Our Projects are Designed to Save You Money, Make Sure That You Get What You Pay For and That All Pre-Construction Conditions and Post- Construction Punch Lists are Documented For Your Buildings Protection.

Some of our most recent project include the following:

Roof Replacement Projects

We are specialists in roof replacement projects.  We coordinate with national roofing manufacturers to make sure your roof warranty is backed by someone else besides a contractor for the full warranty period.  roofing should be warrantied by the manufacturer leaving the building worry free as to who will be around in ten years to honor guarantee or if a dispute arrises.   Another bonus of working this way is that the manufacturer will do part of the design, thereby reducing engineering costs.  Lastly, the building gets another set of eyes reviewing the project as the manufacturer is the one who is giving the warranty and wants the project done perfectly.  

Flat Roof Replacement:
Before:   After:

I-Beam Renovation Projects:

Experienced in working with engineers and Boards to assess condition of vertical and horizontal steel beams. Coordinate project design and  budget to restore and reinforce beams, bid process, contractor selection, warranties, and homeowner notification of ongoing work.
Before: After:

Brick Pointing and Lintel Repairs:
Assessment of conditions of building brick pointing and the conditions of window and door lintels are an ongoing concern as buildings age.  Let us help you evaluate a program for assessment and renovation of brick pointing and/or lintel repairs and replacements.

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