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Testimonials - GMS
"What a pleasure to work with such nice people.  Thanks so much!  You have done a fabulous job finding us people to do our work!  Have a nice weekend,"  Carol R., Treasurer

"I have to say how impressed I am with all involved with this project so far. They have went out of their way a few times to accommodate the d line residents, including Carol and myself. Did their work swiftly and very respectfully as far as I can see as I have been inspecting at least twice a day. Marsha, the planning and organization so far on this job to me has been excellent and that goes to you! I feel so much better knowing there is now a strong beam protecting my family right now in place, instead of that piece of swiss cheese beam! Keep up the good work!"  Kenny, Board Member

"We at Cambridge Park Condominium are so lucky to have you behind us - I don't know what would have happened to my investment if it wasn't for you!!!"  Maureen M. 
"Prior to hiring Grant Management Services, Westmoreland was mismanaged for several years.  We were throwing good money after bad, and we as a Board were beyond frustrated.  Marsha and her team made significant changes, one step at a time.  the changes to Westmoreland have been substantial and have greatly improved our finances, as well as the appearance of the property."  Lisa F. Treasurer

"Since Grant Management Services has come on board, the transformation of our community has been significant due to their innovative management style.  The office staff is always receptive to answer any questions, issues or concerns of our unit owners. Our property has never looked better and it has never been as well managed as it is today.  Grant Management Services would be an excellent asset to you in the management of your property."  Mark L. past President and current Treasurer, Sherwood Townhouse

"Marsha Grant has been Armstrong Gardens Owners Corp.'s managing agent since 2009.  She is a very hard working professional who set high standards for herself and her staff to ensure that all of the buildings that she manages always receive top quality service."  Lina P., President

"I am writing to let you know that I would highly recommend the services of Grant Management.  The enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor with you and your staff is an asset to our community.  Your ability to calm angry or frustrated homeowners is unparalleled.  I have found Grant Management to be reliable, hard working and conscientious making them a tremendous asset for any community." Margaret P., Board Member.

"You guys are awesome unlike our previous management company.  Greatly appreciated!"  Angela N.  The Gates at North Hills Condominium

"Thank you for all your help at least I could say I am happy with the great follow up from our new management company."  Vickie W.  The Gates at North Hills Condominium
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